Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach says he still has a no-justice-served view on his former employer.

Leach, now the coach at Washington State, told USA Today he is stilled owed money following his firing in 2009 after one of Texas Tech’s most recent successful seasons.

Leach’s firing came after he was allegedly accused of mistreatment of a player with a known head injury.

Leach previously sued Texas Tech following his departure but the courts favored in Texas Tech’s way. The university said the case was settled and the issue was resolved and now they have moved forward.

“This thing won’t really go away,” Leach told USA Today. “And it’ll never go away until this thing is settled. And it should be settled, because why should the future generation bear the black eye and the cloud that their university cheated their most successful coach in history? And why should I bear that, some of the 10 most productive years of my career? I was cheated out of my salary, and all the great memories that I, fans, players and coaches had, are diminished.”

Source: Yahoo NCAA

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