College football coaches continue to push for a later deadline for underclassmen to declare for early draft eligibility. The subject came up during SEC Media Days on Monday when Arkansas coach Bret Bielema said several coaches advocate moving the “declaration date.”

The NFL sets a mid-January filing date for underclassmen to declare, although they get a 72-hour window to withdraw without losing NCAA eligibility.

We had more discussions this past spring about what we can do to progressively make this a little better if they do declare themselves [draft eligible], and move back that declaration date,” Bielema said, via Chase Goodbread of “I know Nick [Saban] and several other coaches in our league have proposed moving that date back a little bit to allow our guys to have a better understanding. There are times now where we have a bowl game in January, and a kid feels pressure or is hearing from outside sources that he needs to make a decision sooner than later. Then he makes a decision before the bowl game even takes place. That tells me that A.) he’s not focused on his priorities, and B.) he’s getting information from people who really shouldn’t be gathering and giving information, and it leads to an uninformed decision.”

Source: Pro Football Talk

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