Oklahoma president David Boren is a former U.S. Senator and as such is known as a loquacious talker who often says whatever is on his mind. While this can be great for those covering the Sooners, at times he will wind up saying something that may rub some people the wrong way.

That might just be the case once again but instead of agitating Big 12 administrators or hopeful conference expansion candidates, Boren’s comments may ruffle a few feathers at his own school. In an interview with the Dallas Morning News that was released on Tuesday, the OU president indicated that a strong Red River rival in Texas is going to be just fine by him.

“The truth of the matter is that we really need for others – everyone in the conference – to succeed. It helps everybody. A rising tide lifts all boats,” Boren told the paper. “Now we don’t want them to do it at our expense (laughing). I’m philosophically in favor of a 10-win Texas.”

Source: Pro Football Talk

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