Charles Haley paid Dak Prescott the highest possible compliment he could have imagined, speaking to Newy Scruggs of DFW’s NBC 5 on Thursday.

“You know what? Dak reminds me of Joe [Montana],” Haley said. “He’s funny. He’s charismatic. They had something to prove. They had a chip on their shoulder. That meant the more I’m around him, he has so much confidence…He came from nothing, like me. So guess what? What can you do? How can you hurt someone that came from nothing, that had to pull himself up from the bootstraps and walk out on the stage wearing that star on his head and go? What can you say? What can you do?”

To a degree, it’s an apt comparison.

Montana was not thought of as a guy who was worthy of being taken high when he came out of Notre Dame back in 1979, which is how the San Francisco 49ers landed him in the third round.

Similarly, Prescott was seen as a cut below the top passers last year. While guys like Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, and to a lesser degree Paxton Lynch, had teams clamoring for their services, Prescott was scooped up by Dallas in the fourth round.

Funny enough, Dallas almost landed Lynch instead of Prescott in the draft last year. If the Denver Broncos hadn’t traded up to land him, Lynch would have almost certainly been picked up by the Cowboys. That would have meant Prescott almost certainly wouldn’t have been picked up by Dallas.

Source: Yard Barker
Charles Haley: Dak Prescott reminds me of Joe Montana

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