OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Players receive compliments from coaches and teammates all the time. It’s more unusual when the pat on the back comes from one of your biggest rivals.

The Baltimore Ravens‘ C.J. Mosley has been named the NFL’s toughest middle linebacker by the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ Ryan Shazier. In an article written for The Players’ Tribune, Shazier compared Mosley to one of the best to ever play that position.

“Ever since C.J. came into the NFL three seasons ago, Baltimore’s defense has been in the Top 8,” Shazier wrote. “You have to respect that, because when you’re the MLB, you’re the anchor. You’re like the symphony conductor. To come in and run a defense like that at 22 years old is special.

“I always say, Ray Lewis had some great years on paper, for sure. But some years, if you just looked at the stats? They didn’t jump off the page. It didn’t matter, though. Baltimore was always a top-five defense, and he got respect for that. C.J. has the potential to make that defense click for a long time.”

Source: ESPN
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