HOUSTON — It was late on a Saturday night in January, just a few weeks after Deshaun Watson enrolled at Clemson. Tigers offensive coordinator Jeff Scott, who was meeting a recruit on campus by Clemson’s Memorial Stadium, saw two people running on the field under the emergency lights.

Scott quickly realized that it was Watson and his freshman roommate, wide receiver Artavis Scott, now a Chargers rookie. They were using the flashlight on a phone to see the plays they were running.

“They had only been on campus for about two weeks, and I knew right then, I was like, ‘Wow, here it is. It’s a Saturday night, the lights are off in the stadium, it’s 35 degrees, and these guys are out here running through plays,'” Jeff Scott said.

That night in Clemson was an early sign of Watson’s great work ethic and desire to transition quickly to the next level, qualities that set him on a path to dominate in college and become the 12th overall pick by the Houston Texans.

Watson came to Houston noticeably prepared for rookie minicamp, and he impressed on the first day of team meetings.

“The one thing that stood out to me is, really, his work ethic and how dedicated he is to doing it,” Texans quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan said. “Today is a day off for him officially, but I just went down to the quarterback room. He’s in there, he’s studying, and I just think that’s how he’s approached it since he walked in here. His approach to it, how serious he is about it and his professional demeanor for a young guy has been impressive for me.”

Source: ESPN
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