No one can predict how Lucky Whitehead will fare with the New York Jets, but this much is certain: He will be an instant hit with the clever headline writers from the New York tabloids.

A historically unlucky team picks up a Lucky player. Oh, the possibilities.

The Jets might catch a little flak for claiming him on waivers — here comes the old “circus” theme — but this is really a no-risk move. From a financial standpoint, he will make a non-guaranteed $615,000 in 2017, the final year of his rookie contract. If they cut him, there’s no cap hit.

Whitehead, 25, didn’t accomplish much as a wide receiver with the Dallas Cowboys (nine catches in two years), which means he’ll fit right in with the Jets’ unproven cast of receivers. Jokes aside, Whitehead is an experienced punt and kickoff returner and that, more than anything, is why the Jets claimed him.

No, he didn’t have any long, highlight-film returns last season, but at least he’s done it. That will give him a leg up on the rest of the roster.

Where’s the downside? There is none.

The Jets also should be getting a highly motivated player. The Cowboys did Whitehead wrong, cutting him before they had all the facts in what became a case of mistaken identity stemming from a shoplifting arrest last month. Whitehead was justifiably upset, accusing the Cowboys of not having his back.

Source: ESPN
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