BOURBONNAIS, Ill. — Thursday night’s exhibitioner opener is another milestone for Chicago Bears quarterback Mike Glennon.

Glennon spent the past four preseasons in Tampa as a backup; first to Josh Freeman, then Josh McCown and finally Jameis Winston.

This summer, Glennon makes his preseason debut against the Denver Broncosas Chicago’s unquestioned No. 1 quarterback.

“It’ll be different going out there right away,” Glennon said on Monday. “When you’re the backup in the preseason it’s kind of a weird feel because you know you’re going to get in and you’re not exactly sure when. So now it’s mentally going into the game, you know you’re going to be in there right away. I’m looking forward to that. It’ll be a little bit different.”

Glennon hopes his first live action at Soldier Field in a Bears’ uniform goes as well as the first preseason game he played in 2013.

“We played the Ravens and they were just coming off their Super Bowl win,” Glennon said. “First play, I was backed up on the 1-yard line going out, and I dropped back and my first read wasn’t there and I thought I was going to get sacked in the end zone. I remember flashing like, ‘Oh my God.’ And there was a guy open and it went for like 60, 70 yards. So it was kind of a good way to settle in and be going. It’s definitely a different experience going from college to the pros that first time.”

Source: ESPN
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