TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher considers center to be the hardest position on the offensive line. That player makes the line calls and is in the middle of the trenches.

It is also the most physically demanding position which makes it even the more surprising that Alec Eberle didn’t miss a start last season despite two labral tears in the hips.

Eberle played all 13 games with a labral tear to his right hip. Things got worse during the Nov. 18 game at Syracuse when he suffered another labral tear, this time to the left hip – but Eberle still played in the final two games.

The 6-foot-4, 294-pound junior had offseason surgery and didn’t participate in spring practices. Eberle said he has been pain-free during preseason practices as the Seminoles prepare for their Sept. 2 opener against Alabama in Atlanta.

”I knew going into camp last year that I was a little messed up already,” Eberle said. ”When you’re playing not to the best of your ability that stinks. This year knowing I am healed up, stronger than I ever been you can see the differences.”

Eberle said he didn’t think about the pain while he was playing. It wasn’t until he was filling out a pre-surgery questionnaire, where he checked off that even a simple task like putting on socks was painful. That was when he realized how bad the pain was affecting him.

Source: Fox Sports
Florida State center Eberle at full strength after surgery

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