Scoring a ton of fantasy points during the season is nice, but when it comes in bunches and is unpredictable it becomes less valuable.

The NFL features fewer bell-cow running backs than ever, but there are still a decent handful of guys that crank out backfield production for fantasy owners on a pretty consistent basis. Having consistent performers in your lineup each week will give your fantasy team a nice baseline of production to count on.

We already examined the most consistent fantasy performers at quarterbackin recent seasons. Now, we will continue the series by finding out which running backs are steady and which ones are not.

Let’s take a look at the top 36 PPR running backs in the latest PFF fantasy rankings and see how steady they have been over the past three seasons.

We’ve gone week by week to tally the total fantasy points scored at the position and calculated how frequently each player had a “plus” effort, meaning finished above the average total points for quarterbacks for that given week.

Here are some observations from this research:


Murray has been as steady of they have come at the position in recent years. He’s done well to shake his durability concerns too, as he’s only missed three games over his past four seasons.

He’s finished as top-five back twice in three seasons (overall RB1 in 2014) and inside the top-seven fantasy scorers at the position in each of the last four years aside from the his season playing in Philadelphia in Chip Kelly’s offense in 2015.

The veteran did show signs of wearing down in 2016, when he only averaged 60 yards per game with two rushing touchdowns in the final six weeks. His early second-round price tag is inflated two rounds since last year at this time, making him a much riskier proposition.


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It’s not even close.

Even with 2016 off, Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch has forced more missed tackles than anyone else in the NFL since 2013.

Everyone knows that Lynch was out of the league last year, but some may need a reminder that it has been a few years since he produced as a fantasy starter.

Before missing all of 2016, Lynch only managed three plus starts in his seven games a year earlier. You have to go back to the 2014 season to find his last stint of fantasy relevance.

Lynch landed in a great situation, but there are definitely a wide range of outcomes and with his current RB15/3.06 ADP it’s hard to see too much of a return on value. The temptation is there that Beast Mode will return to form. Will you give in to it? I haven’t yet in any of my drafts that matter.


Despite all the indicators that New Orleans gave us to stay away from Ingram this offseason, it’s hard to argue with the body of work he’s had the past few seasons. Only seven running backs have been more consistent than Ingram since the start of the 2014 season.

Even with the likelihood the Saints will roll with three running backs in the mix most weeks, Ingram is still very relevant. New Orleans throws to running backs more than any other team in the league and it is the extra 26 receiving yards per game he’s averaged over the last two years to go along with 61 rushing yards per contest that has bolstered his value.

He only scored six times on the ground, but he caught four touchdowns last season. He has made his way in the end zone 14 times in his last 27 starts. In the sixth round, there’s not much to lose adding Ingram to your fantasy roster.

Source: Pro Football Focus
Who are the most and least consistent fantasy running backs?

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