Bills running back LeSean McCoy made some waves on Thursday by offering up an opinion on Colin Kaepernick that usually flows not from NFL players — the notion that Kaepernick’s talent doesn’t outweigh the distractions. Setting aside whether Kaepernick should be regarded as a bundle of actual distractions (and ignoring the question of whether any of these supposed “distractions” actually affect football players who face the ultimate distraction every Sunday during the season, when someone physically tries to stop them from executing their assignment with thousands watching in person and millions watching at home), McCoy’s comments were curious, for one specific reason.

No, this isn’t about the distractions McCoy periodically has created, including most recently the investigation that nearly resulted in criminal charges for assaulting an off-duty police officer. This is about the distractions that McCoy experienced when the Eagles brought Mike Vick to Philadelphia after two years in custody for dogfighting.

For McCoy’s Eagles, Vick’s distractions clearly outweighed his perceived talent as of 2009. But the Eagles embraced Vick without hesitation or reservation — and without engaging in a prolonged fit of public neurosis over whether they should or shouldn’t sign him.

“[I]t’s the chaos that comes with it,” McCoy said Thursday of Kaepernick. “It’s a lot. A team’s trying to win and not have a distraction on a team. As a player, there’s certain players that can be on a team with big distractions, and other players, they’re not good enough that it’s worth it. I think his situation is, not good enough to have on a team with all the attention that comes along with it.”

Source: Pro Football Talk
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