A report out of Atlanta says the Falcons are uneasy with star wideout (and current holdout) Julio Jones spending too much time with Terrell Owens. Owens was known for being a malcontent during his NFL career, which is much of the stated reason why Hall of Fame voters made him wait for his induction into Canton.

Owens, of course, has a response.

“I have no idea where all of this is coming from,” Owens said to Bleacher Report. “I have nothing to do with Julio except training. This is the media trying [to] create something that’s not even there. It’s very unfortunate. What possible reason would they have to create that narrative?”

If the Falcons are truly worried about Owens being around Jones, there’s three reasons why they shouldn’t be.

First, the Falcons like and trust Jones—something that was said to me multiple times last week on my trip to Flowery Branch. He’s scheduled to work out with Matt Ryan and about a dozen other receivers in a few weeks for the annual QB/receiver pre-training camp trip.

Also, whatever you think of Owens, I don’t think he’s a hypnotist. Jones is a grown man with his own thoughts, and he’s not mentally weak. To think that Owens is going to inject his own personal brand of “you do you” into Jones means that you think Jones is, in fact, mentally weak. Jones will not easily succumb to any negative influence.

Finally, spending time working out with Owens can’t be all that bad. The 44-year-old is absolutely ripped and can run the 40-yard dash in 4.44 seconds. Current and former NFL players are singing his praises after workouts. What’s the issue in training with a Hall-of-Famer who is in better shape than every 20-something-year-old you know?

Source: SI
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