It’s time for another installment of the Cowboys roundtable, where our veteran crew of beat writers and contributors break down some of the offseason’s hottest topics. This roundtable features SportsDay’s David Moore, Kate Hairopoulos, Jon Machota and Brandon George; NBC5’s Jean-Jacques Taylor and Newy Scruggs and SportsDay contributors Kristi Scales and Matt Mosley.

In this installment, our team debates which NFC East quarterback is the best entering the 2018 season.

Ranking the NFC East quarterbacks (Nick Foles, Dak Prescott, Alex Smith, Eli Manning, Carson Wentz) from best to worst.

David Moore: Interesting question. Each of these quarterbacks has contacted me in recent weeks to ask what I thought of them and where they rank in the division. Here’s what I told them. 1) Alex Smith. He’s been the most productive quarterback in the bunch over the past three seasons. Of course, since Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz are just now entering their third seasons you can call that an unfair advantage. What Smith won’t have in Washington are the explosive skill players he had in Kansas City. 2) Dak Prescott. Let’s clarify one point: he wasn’t bad last season. The second half of the season was bad and there are reasons for that decline. The point to remember here is that Prescott is 22-10 in his first two seasons. 3) Nick Foles. He ended the season leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl title. He’ll open this season as the starter. He has the hot hand. 4) Eli Manning. The only multiple Super Bowl winner in the group. He’s be surrounded by an explosive cast this season. But his play in recent years has been erratic at best. 5) Carson Wentz. He was playing at a remarkably high level last season before a devastating injury. He and Prescott have the highest ceilings in this group, but the injury Wentz suffered is too significant to expect him to pick up where he left off.

Kate Hairopoulos: 1) Wentz — As long as he can stay healthy, he’s going to be an elite QB or a long time. 2) Foles — He just won a Super Bowl, even though no one predicted he could play as well as he did in the playoffs. A Lombardi Trophy gets you bumped up this list, despite being a backup again. 3) Prescott — He’s the leader the Cowboys need. He’s smart and versatile and has taken on everything that comes with being the face of America’s Team. But he needs to continue to show that he’s improving in the passing game in his third season in the league. Dallas is building its offense around his strengths. 4) Smith — The Redskins deemed him worthy of $71 million guaranteed. The 34-year-old is solid, sure, leading the league in passer rating last season. But he’s been trying to fight the perception that he’s a game manager his entire career and he won’t have the talent around him in Washington to change that. 5) Manning — Time can be cruel for the 2x Super Bowl champion, though the 37-year-old should get back on eof the best receivers in the game in Odell Beckham Jr. The Giants ranked next-to-last in points scored per game (15.4) in 2017.

Jon Machota: I’m basing this off the idea of ‘I have to win this year,’ regardless of team: 1) Carson Wentz; 2) Alex Smith; 3) Dak Prescott; 4) Nick Foles; 5.) Eli Manning. Unlike the NFL Top 100 list, I don’t drastically change rankings year by year, especially at quarterback. I need to see a large body of work. I think Foles is a great fit for that system in Philly but I don’t necessarily think he’d have similar success elsewhere. I see a lot of similarities between Smith and Prescott, but I gave Smith the edge because of experience. And remember, I’m not ranking how they would stack up quarterbacking their current team. I’m going off all five being available in a draft and I’m trying to win this year. If I was going off how I think they’ll do this year with their current team, I’d have still have Wentz No. 1, but I’d have Prescott No. 2.

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