NFL training camps open leaguewide this week. There are a couple of high-profile holdouts (hey, Julio and Le’Veon), but otherwise expect sunny optimism and hopes of a better season – or a repeat for at least one defending Super Bowl champion.

The fight for the No. 1 quarterback spot is always intriguing, and this season we’ll have five noteworthy battles.

Here are the top camp battles to watch as the preseason takes shape:

Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield vs. Tyrod Taylor: Head coach Hue Jackson sounded adamant earlier this year about Taylor being the No. 1. But how often do we see top overall draft picks hold the clipboard for long?

Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson vs. Joe Flacco: It feels like these are the final days of Flacco as a starter, although a proud veteran with a Super Bowl ring isn’t going to go down easily.

This sums up the early Jackson hype:

New York Jets

Josh McCown vs. Sam Darnold: Will any missed time in training camp give McCown the edge for at least Week 1 vs. the third overall pick?

Arizona Cardinals

Josh Rosen vs. Sam Bradford: If Rosen remains as vocal as he did in college, at least we’ll get updates on how far ahead or behind he is from the veteran.

Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen vs. A.J. McCarron: Early forecast calls for a lot of sideline time for Allen.

Source: Yahoo

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