As sports broadcasting phenom Tony Romo closes in on the conclusion of his first contract with CBS, there’s a chance he won’t be signing a new one. With CBS or anyone else.

Michael McCarthy of reports that “[t]here’s . . . a chance” that Romo “could walk away from TV” altogether.

While there’s also a chance that this is simply posturing aimed at getting Romo the $10 million annual payday that, per McCarthy, Romo wants, it’s not the first time we’ve caught wind of the notion that Romo isn’t as committed to broadcasting as believed.

It would be a stunner if it happens. Romo has drawn rave reviews for his performance in only two seasons in the broadcast booth, and he could do it for another 30 years or more. Whether he will do it is a different issue; maybe he will, maybe he won’t.

Source: Pro Football Talk

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