Miami’s LB Alonso says Stadium is “Terrible”

New linebacker Kiko Alonso doesn’t seem to like the New Miami stadium renovations according to a radio interview last Friday.

According to a interview last Friday with Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero on 560 WQAM,Miami Dolphins Linebacker Kiko Alonso said the new stadium was “terrible”.

Salguero was having an over-the-phone interview on the “Big O Show”, when host – Orlando Alzugaray switched the subject to the unique design of the stadium. Alzugaray admitted he originally thought the design for the stadium was “kinda weird looking”, but as construction has continued he has grown accustomed to it and now thinks it looks “kinda cool”.

Salguero did not enthusiastically echo this sentiment, and began to recall an interesting story.

“I drove by it. I guess it was a month ago. Actually, with Kiko Alonso… We were on the turnpike and I said ‘Look at that over there’ and he goes  ‘What is THAT?’ and I said ‘That’s your stadium, bro. That’s where you play football.’ And he’s like ‘That’s TERRIBLE!’”

It was an amusing story and few can blame Kiko Alonso for having such an opinion. The New Miami Stadium’s design is very different from other NFL stadiums. The new canopy is the eye-catcher. Compared to other NFL stadiums which follow the classic dome-shaped roofing, the New Miami Stadium has a flat and rectangular canopy that overlaps the outer edges of the stadium to provide shade and comfort to those below. The spires are also distinct. They go as high as 357 feet and seem very tacky to traditionalist football fans. And with the addition of the aqua-colored seating in 2015, the stadium is beginning to look more like a giant tank for a whale– or more appropriately– a dolphin.

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