Tom Coughlin has final say over Jaguars roster

General Manager Dave Caldwell got an extra two year’s worth of contract out of the series of moves the Jaguars made yesterday.

He also has less to do now, or at least less authority on paper.

In naming 70-year-old Tom Coughlin the executive vice president of football operations, the Jaguars gave the franchise’s original coach the final say over the 53-man roster, according to Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union.

That’s a reasonable expectation, considering the Jaguars went out and acquired Coughlin again so the credibility from his two Super Bowl wins as a coach might filter into an organization which clearly needs it. But it could also make for a potentially awkward transition to a new organizational chart, as Caldwell’s already four years into a job having had say over the roster.

Source: Pro Football Talk


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