Blandino is expected to land at CBS

If at first you don’t succeed, something something Mike Carey wasn’t very good on television.

After a year with no answer to FOX’s Mike Pereira following the failed Carey experiment, CBS is expected to hire NFL senior V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino, per multiple media sources with knowledge of the situation.

Blandino, unlike Carey, has extensive experience explaining NFL rules and their application extemporaneously. Carey was very effective reciting simple, plain messages like “holding . . . number 55 . . . offense . . . 10-yard penalty . . . still first down,” but he struggled to explain NFL rules and to evaluate replay decisions persuasively and authoritatively.

With Blandino, CBS gets the guy who has been communicating directly with the on-site referee during all replay reviews over the past several years. So he knows how to quickly assess the visual evidence and, in turn, how to explain what he sees.

Source: Pro Football Talk


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